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Part 1 Chapter 1 2 2 1 Daily Pivot Targets

that is in all probability an important indicator for use on this system however, like talked about prior, the device must be used as an entire entity within the feel that the indicators which might be being generated bear in mind all the indications. Pivot pursuits indicator is going for use in multiple ways:[first thing this indicator shows is the most powerful support and resistance levels and those are going to be used as targets. Under this indicator, the green lines show the support area, and the red lines show the resistance area;][the second thing to be taken into consideration with this indicator is the time element. Trading binary options without taking into consideration time simply doesn’t work and this indicator helps in doing that. Usually for binary options brokers decide the target (or the expiration date) and what a trader should do is to compare those limits with the pivot targets here. The buy targets are the ones above the daily pivot and the sell targets are the ones below the daily pivot.]


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